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The Air Purifier HF 60 Ionic has ideally been designed for Cars & Other Vehicles. This compact air purifier produces negative ions up to 100,000/cm3 ; which helps to promote a more stress free driving experience and neutralises all sorts of allergens. With the air purifier HF 60 on board, it can easily trap allergens (pollen, cigarettes, airbone particles, fumes, dust, odours viruses & bacteria) up to the size of less than 0.015 microns. It attracts harmful particles, which stick to its electrostatic plate and get negatively charge. A cleaner air is generated and released back. This portable air purifier has no filters which needs to be replaced and can easily be powered up using its 12 V DC Plug. Extremely easy to use, it also comes with a simple ON/OFF switch. For clean-up purposes, you just have to remove its upper cover and carefully clean its electrode needles and the dust collector. It is strongly advisable to carry out this cleaning activity every 2 months for a more optimum use.


  • Rated voltage = DC 12V, Power consumption = 2W
  • Ion output = MAX 100,000/cm3
  • Active oxygen output
  • Dimension: 140*110*38(mm) or 5.6*4.5*1.5(inches), Weight = 180g or 0.4lbs
  • Applicable area = small or large vehicle

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